Carmen is one of the persons that are behind the product you have in your hands. She is part of the team of people with intellectual disabilities at the ACUDAM Special Employment Centre who for 48 years have shaped the door curtains we make with dedication and professionalism.

Not only do they create exceptional, high quality products, but they also carry with them a story of effort, achievement and skill, highlighting the importance of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Currently, CEE ACUDAM employs a total of 115 people, 73 of whom are workers with disabilities or mental health diagnoses.

What are Special Employment Centers?

Special Employment Centers (CEE) are companies that ensure paid work for people with disabilities and guarantee their integration into the labour market. The objective of these factories is productive, like that of any other company, but their function is 100% social.

Who is ACUDAM?

We are a non-profit organisation and declared of public utility, created in 1975 on the initiative of mothers, fathers and relatives of people with intellectual disabilities. We have three main services: Housing Services, Occupational Therapy Service and Special Employment Centre.